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Dinesh, your guide to the fascinating journey of Yono Clip Net Worth revolutionary product created by Bob Mackey and Michael Green. From Atlanta, Georgia, to Shark Tank success, Yono Clip Net Worth has redefined the hair accessories market with its innovative design. Explore its impact on global trends, consumer preferences, and brand expansion, showcasing a commitment to excellence and future growth.

In today’s era, people are more mindful of germs and their own cleanliness. Recognizing this trend, Bob Mackey and Michael Green developed the Yono Clip Net Worth—a suction hanger designed to keep items away from dirty surfaces. Their invention impressed FUBU Founder Daymond John on Shark Tank, resulting in a lucrative deal. As of 2024, the Yono Clip Net Worth boasts an estimated worth of $400,000.

Yono Clip Net Worth

Net Worth$ 10,000
Annual Sales$ 7,400
Life Time Sales$ 390,000
InvestorDaymond John
Shark Tank Deal$ 150 For 30%

The Founders’ Backgrounds

Michael Green and Bob Mackey are both natives of Atlanta, Georgia. Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in English and linguistics from Morehouse College and has been dedicated to education since 2001, leading as the president of Science for Everyone, Inc.

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Despite initially dropping out of high school, Mackey pursued further education through a TED program in college. He later delved into inventing and assumed the role of CEO at Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia.

Their initial encounter took place at a STEM festival around 2010, where they both served as motivational speakers aiming to empower young minds. This introduction sparked a deep and lasting friendship between them.

Net Worth Time Line

Yono Clip Net Worth 2023$ 10,000
Yono Clip Net Worth 2022$ 60,000
Yono Clip Net Worth 2021$ 100,000
Yono Clip Net Worth 2020$ 375,000
Yono Clip Net Worth 2019$ 51,000

Founding Yono Clip

Bob, a fitness lover, had a moment of inspiration when he accidentally tripped over a bag at the gym. Rather than getting annoyed, he saw an opportunity and quickly sketched his idea for a hanging device on a paper towel. Convinced of its brilliance, he shared the concept on Facebook.

The Facebook post received many comments, but the most impactful one came from Michael Green. This led the two Atlanta residents to collaborate on developing the Yono Clip—a suction-based hanger that can be attached to a wide range of surfaces, whether vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

Using a 3D printer, they created the initial units, which debuted in 2020. Their startup quickly gained traction, raising $10,000 in a single day through Kickstarter and achieving $14,500 in sales just two months after its launch.

Pitch on Shark Tank

Michael and Bob sought to shift from 3D printing to molded manufacturing for their product. They needed capital and decided to present their idea on season 12 of Shark Tank, asking for $150,000 in exchange for a 15% equity stake.

Their lively presentation captivated the Sharks, prompting some spontaneous dancing. As they discussed the business details, the Sharks were impressed by the duo’s achievements in just two months.

Despite facing skepticism from some Sharks about the practicality of their product, Daymond John found their journey inspiring. He offered $150,000 for a 30% stake in the company. Though the founders attempted to negotiate, they ultimately accepted John’s offer.

Update After Shark Tank

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much recent news about Yono Clip since its feature on Shark Tank. Like many other businesses, Yono Clip Net Worth production and shipping were severely impacted by the pandemic. This is particularly frustrating given that the demand for the product has increased significantly during this time.

Many orders are facing delays of 30 days or more, which may be contributing to its low 1.33-star rating on SharkTankShopper.com. Currently, YonoClip.net is the exclusive platform for purchasing the product, with no plans to launch on Amazon until the main issues are addressed.

Despite delivering an impressive pitch, Yono Clip’s social media following remains relatively modest, with around 1,500 followers on Instagram and approximately 2,600 likes on Facebook. These numbers seem low considering the quality of their presentation.

While Yono Clip’s annual revenue remains undisclosed, its estimated value is $400,000. Hopefully, the Yono Clip team can overcome these challenges, as the founders are highly likable individuals.

Product Innovation

The Yono Clip Net Worth is a patented design that combines the functionality of a hair tie with the convenience of a hair clip. This innovative product has been a key driver of the brand’s financial success.

Market Trends

The global hair accessories market has been steadily growing, with this trend expected to continue in the years ahead. The increasing demand for practical and fashionable hair accessories signals promising growth opportunities for Yono Clip.

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Consumer Preferences

Consumer preferences are increasingly favoring products that combine both functionality and style. Yono Clip’s product is a perfect match for this trend, which is likely to contribute to its rising net worth.

Brand Expansion

Yono Clip has been expanding its product line and entering new markets. This growth is expected to greatly increase the brand’s net worth by 2024.

New Product Launches

Yono Clip has been introducing new products to meet the diverse needs of its customers. These fresh releases are expected to fuel the brand’s revenue growth.

International Expansion

Yono Clip has been striving to extend its reach into international markets. This expansion is expected to grow the brand’s customer base and enhance its sales.

Sales Growth

Yono Clip has been experiencing strong sales growth since its inception. This trend is expected to continue, contributing to the brand’s increasing net worth.

Online Sales

Yono Clip’s online sales have been growing rapidly. The brand’s strong online presence is a key factor in its financial success.

Retail Sales

Yono Clip has been expanding its retail presence, which has been boosting its sales. The brand’s presence in major retail stores is likely to contribute to its net worth growth.


Yono Clip has been investing in marketing and product development to fuel its growth. These investments are expected to yield positive returns, contributing to the brand’s net worth.

Product Development Investments

Yono Clip has been investing in product development to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. These investments are expected to drive the brand’s growth and increase its net worth.

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After reviewing Yono Clip’s journey, it’s clear the brand has faced challenges but also seized opportunities for growth. Despite setbacks like pandemic-related disruptions and logistical issues, Yono Clip remains resilient. With innovative products, strategic market expansion, and investments in sales channels, the brand is on a path to success. By meeting consumer preferences for functional yet stylish accessories and focusing on global expansion and innovation, Yono Clip Net Worth is positioned for further growth and increased net worth.


1. Is the Yono Clip still in business?

The business is still active, but some of the criticisms from the show seem valid. Yono Clip appeared on Season 12, Episode 12 of “Shark Tank,” with Michael Green and Bob Mackey seeking $150,000 for a 15% stake.

2. Who is the CEO of Yono Clip?

On February 5, 2021, Michael Green, known as “The Science Machine,” struck a deal on ABC’s Shark Tank with investor Daymond John for the Yono Clip, a product he co-invented. Green is a husband, father, educator, author, inventor, and public speaker, displaying his multifaceted talents and entrepreneurial drive.

3. Is YONO good or bad?

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Friends, you must have got complete information in the article. If you have any more questions, you can ask in the comments.

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