milk freeze-drying service, reaching a $2 million net worth and $3 million annual revenue by January 2024.

Securing a deal on Shark Tank in April 2023 with Lori Greiner and Gwyneth Paltrow propelled Milkify's growth.

Expansion efforts, like the Irvine drop-off station, demonstrate Milkify's commitment to serving more customers.

Berkley Luck's expertise in Molecular and Biomedical Sciences was pivotal in developing Milkify's freeze-drying process.

Strategic partnerships have broadened Milkify's market reach and service offerings.

Revenue streams include freeze-drying, subscriptions, and collaborations with hospitals and lactation consultants.

Post-Shark Tank, Milkify revamped marketing to boost brand awareness.

Positive customer feedback highlights Milkify's convenience and reliability.

Milkify's financial health is strong, with steady revenue growth and investor confidence.

The company's future looks promising, thanks to its strong leadership and dedicated team.

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