Justin Timberlake's journey to wealth began on Star Search at age 11 and continued with The Mickey Mouse Club.

His success skyrocketed with NSYNC, selling millions of records with albums like "No Strings Attached."

Despite NSYNC's success, Timberlake's initial earnings were low due to management by Lou Pearlman.

After NSYNC, Timberlake's solo career boomed, with Forbes reporting earnings of $44 million in 2008.

He's a touring powerhouse, grossing $100 million in 2008 and $225 million for the Man of the Woods tour.

Although a Super Bowl regular, Timberlake doesn't get paid for the performance, only travel expenses are covered.

He shares a prenup with Jessica Biel, with a financial penalty for infidelity on Timberlake's part.

Timberlake wasn't the sole buyer of MySpace, but part of a group that acquired it for $35 million in 2011.

His voice acting in Trolls led to renegotiations for higher pay in the sequel, Trolls 2: World Tour. pen_spark

While his McDonald's jingle earned him $6 million, he later expressed regret over the deal.

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