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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a famous wrestler, actor, and businessman. Born on May 2, 1972, in Hayward, California, he comes from a wrestling family. Despite facing challenges, he found success in football and later in wrestling, where he became known as “The Rock.” He’s also a popular actor, starring in movies like “Fast and Furious” and “Jumanji.” The Rock Net Worth Family is important to him, and he enjoys spending time with his wife, Lauren Hashian, and their three daughters. Dwayne Johnson’s achievements in wrestling and acting have made him a household name.

The Rock Net Worth 2024

NationalityUnited States
Networth$800 Million
Height6ft 5 inch
WeightApprox 260 LBS
Marital StatusMarried
ParentsAta Johnson (mother), Rocky Johnson (father)
EndorsementsFord, Apple, Under Armour, Milk, The UFC, Voss Water, Salt and Straw, Zoa Energy.
BusinessesSeven Bucks production, Project Rock, Teremana Tequila, XFL.

What is The Rock Net Worth ?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the iconic figure known for his career in professional wrestling and Hollywood, has amassed a staggering The Rock Net Worth of $800 million as of 2024. This remarkable fortune has been accumulated through his multifaceted career in acting, professional wrestling, and various business ventures. [The Rock Net Worth ]

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Dwayne Johnson’s Salary

Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson made about $124 million in 2018 alone. He earns money from movies, TV shows, businesses, endorsements, and wrestling. In 2022, he earned a huge $270 million, making him the fourth-highest paid entertainer of the year according to Forbes, and the highest-earning actor.

He also makes a lot of money from royalties for his clothing line, shoe line, and a headphones deal with Under Armour. He got $22.5 million upfront for his movie Red Notice. [The Rock Net Worth]

Early life

Johnson was born in Hayward, California, on May 2, 1972, to Mataniufeagaimaleata “Ata” Fitisemanu (née Maivia) and former wrestler Rocky Johnson. He lived in Auckland, New Zealand, for a bit before coming back to the U.S. His dad, Rocky Johnson, and Tony Atlas were the first black tag team champs in WWE. His mom, who is Samoan, was adopted by Peter Maivia, also a wrestler. Johnson’s grandma managed wrestling too. Through his grandpa Maivia, Johnson is linked to the Anoaʻi wrestling family. Despite some trouble in his teens, he found focus through football at Freedom High School in Pennsylvania. He did well in football, track, and wrestling, and got a scholarship to the University of Miami.[The Rock Net Worth ]

The Rock & WWE

Before he became a wrestler, Dwayne Johnson wanted to play in the NFL. But he became famous as a wrestler known for trash-talking and appeared on lots of merchandise in the 90s and 2000s. After many matches and a successful acting career in Hollywood, Johnson celebrated the start of 2024 by joining the board of directors of TKO, the company that owns WWE and UFC.

How much does WWE pay The Rock?

There are reports that The Rock earns a hefty $5 million a year from WWE. But wrestling is risky entertainment. Getting thrown around the ring with other strong athletes can lead to expensive injuries. In 2013, The Rock got a hernia during his WrestleMania 29 match with John Cena, which his dad, Rocky Johnson, said cost him $200,000 every day. A big injury can really hurt a wrestler’s money situation. [The Rock Net Worth ]

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How much is The Rock paid per movie?

The Rock is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. He often earns more than $20 million for a movie, which is a lot. He’s also a producer on most of his movies, making even more money. Sometimes he gets extra money from the profits of his movies. For “Red Notice” in 2021, he reportedly made $30 million.

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Dwayne Johnson – family, kids, wife, and affairs

Dwayne Johnson loves his family a lot, including his mom, cousins, wife, and kids. He enjoys spending time with them. His dad, Rocky Johnson, was also a wrestler, and his mom, Ata Johnson, comes from a famous wrestling family. He’s a proud dad of three girls: Simone, Jasmine, and Tiana. Simone is following in his footsteps by wrestling in WWE as ‘Ava Raine’. Despite starting with little, The Rock now lives in a big house in Beverly Park, Los Angeles, showing how successful he’s become.

Dwayne Johnson’s House

In November 2019, Johnson bought a big property in Powder Springs, Georgia, covering 46 acres, for $9.5 million. The estate has a large house with eight bedrooms and six bathrooms. But he sold it just 14 months later for $7.5 million, losing $2 million. In 2021, Johnson spent a lot, $28.7 million, to buy Paul Reiser’s Beverly Park Mansion, where he lives now. [The Rock Net Worth ]

Dwayne Johnson’s Cars

Dwayne Johnson owns nine cars. The most expensive amongst them is Pagani Huayra which is worth $2.6 Million. The total car collection is worth around $5.1 Million.

Cars owned by Dwayne JohnsonPrice (USD)
1971 Chevy Chevelle$72900
Ford GT$450000
Cadillac Escalade$450000
Ferrari LaFerrari$1.4 Million
Ford F-150$56190
Lamborghini Huracan$213,104
Pagani Huayra$2.6 Million
Plymouth Prowler$39300
Rolls Royce Wraith$300000

football career of Dwayne Johnson

When it comes to football, Johnson had some tough times. At first, he wasn’t chosen in the NFL drafts and had to go to Canada to play. Now, he’s doing his own thing.

Even though he doesn’t have an NFL team, Johnson owns the XFL. It’s like a rival to the NFL, and they’re working together to make football better.

wrestling career of Dwayne Johnson

After his football career didn’t work out, The Rock tried wrestling. When his first good-guy character didn’t work, he became a bad guy. This made him more successful. Pat Patterson, a father figure to him, suggested the name ‘The Rock’, which stuck. WWE was changing at the time, and his character, along with Stone Cold Steve Austin’s, made WWE more popular and started a big rivalry.

Later, The Rock got into acting and left WWE because he was so busy. It’s not clear how much he made when he was most successful in WWE. From 2011 to 2013, he made $5 million a year. But now he’s not with WWE anymore, though he still shows up at big events sometimes.

Dwayne Johnson’s earning through movies

Dwayne Johnson earned money from different movies: $19 million from The Jumanji, $22 million from Jungle Cruise, $23.5 million from Jumanji: The Next Level, $5.5 million from The Mummy Returns, $9 million from The Other Guys, $21 million from Moana, $30 million from Red Notice, $65 million from the Fast and Furious franchise, $22.5 million from Skyscraper, and $20 million from Black Adam.

Dwayne Johnson’s Video Games

2002The Scorpion King: Rise of the AkkadianMathayus / Scorpion King
2006Spy Hunter: Nowhere to RunAlex Decker
2021-presentFortnite Battle RoyaleThe Foundation

Personal life

Dwayne Johnson has had significant changes in his personal life. He first married Dany Garcia, and they had a daughter named Simone. They separated in 2007. Then, he started dating Lauren Hashian, whom he married in 2019. They have two daughters and live in Los Angeles. Johnson also maintains properties in Virginia and Florida. His connection to his Samoan heritage is shown through his tattoos and the title he received in 2004. Additionally, his daughter Simone joining WWE as the first fourth-generation wrestler highlights their family’s wrestling legacy.

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, born on May 2, 1972, in Hayward, California, is a renowned wrestler, actor, and businessman. Rising from a wrestling family, he achieved success in football before transitioning to wrestling, where he gained fame as “The Rock.” His acting career skyrocketed with roles in blockbuster movies like “Fast and Furious” and “Jumanji.” Family is central to him, seen in his close bond with his wife, Lauren Hashian, and their three daughters. With a The Rock Net Worth of $800 million, Johnson’s influence extends beyond entertainment, with successful ventures in business and endorsements, cementing his status as an iconic figure in popular culture.


1. How much money does The Rock have right now?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the superstar, is estimated to have a The Rock Net Worth of $800 million, as reported by Celebrity The Rock Net Worth . Forbes suggests that Johnson can rake in over $20 million for each film he stars in.

2. Does The Rock still get paid by WWE?

The agreement brings Johnson closer to WWE, where his journey began as a performer back in 1996. Recently, The Rock has been making appearances at WWE events, pocketing $491,000 in royalties just for his 2023 appearances. As per the agreement, he will continue to receive such royalties in addition to the new deal, as stated in the filing.

3. How much does The Rock own TKO?

The actor, formerly a wrestler, has recently acquired an equity stake in TKO valued at approximately $30 million. This form of compensation has historically faced opposition from leagues, but Adam Minter, a Bloomberg Opinion columnist specializing in the business of sports, argues that it shouldn’t be frowned upon.

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