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Hello friends, my name is Dinesh. Today we will talk about MVP Net Worth. MVP is a former WWE player who has returned to WWE alongside Bobby Lashley, or he has changed his name to friends. You can find MVP’s net worth in the article below. Let’s go ahead and discuss the article.

Alvin Antonio Burke Jr. is a skilled wrestler from the United States. He’s well-known for competing in WWE, TNA, and NJPW, where he’s won titles like the WWE US Champion and IWGP Intercontinental Champion.

MVP Net Worth

NameMontel Vontavious Porter
BornOctober 28, 1973,
Net Worth$5 Million
Height6ft 2 in (191cm)

Professional Wrestling Career

Early Days (2002-2005)

After his release from jail, Burke started wrestling independently. He competed for various promotions like FIP, FOW, TNA, and CCW before joining WWE.

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WWE (2005-2010)

Early Days in SmackDown (2005-2007)

In 2005, he joined WWE and started wrestling in DSW, where he was renamed MVP Net Worth. The next year, he debuted on SmackDown. One of his memorable matches was against Kane, during which he teamed up with Mr. Kennedy. However, at Armageddon, he lost to Kane in an Inferno match and took a break to heal from his injuries.

After his return, he began feuding with Chris Benoit. At WrestleMania XXIII, he lost to Chris Benoit. Despite two failed attempts, he finally defeated Chris Benoit on Judgment Day to claim his most memorable WWE US Title. He also won the WWE Tag Team Title with Matt Hardy. He had a year-long rivalry with Shelton Benjamin before ultimately losing the title to him.

Final Days (2008-2010)

In August, he defeated Jeff Hardy at SummerSlam. He participated in the WWE Title scramble at Unforgiven but didn’t win. He regained the US Title by defeating Shelton Benjamin. However, at WrestleMania 25, he competed in the Money in the Bank ladder match and lost.

In 2009, he moved to Raw. He spent the year chasing the US Title and teaming with Mark Henry. In 2010, he switched to SmackDown but couldn’t win the Intercontinental Title despite multiple attempts. In December, he was released from the company.

Independent Circuit (2011-2019)

After being released, MVP Net Worth spent time on the independent circuit. He notably won the inaugural IWGP Intercontinental Championship. In 2014, he joined TNA and formed the Beat Down Clan faction, managing and teaming with Bobby Lashley and Kenny King. He also pursued acting before fully embracing his wrestling persona. MVP stayed with TNA for over a year, participating in various matches and segments. Before leaving WWE, he also worked for several promotions including HOH, TNA, APW, PCW, ROH, Column, WCR, and MLW.

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Return to WWE (2020- Present)

In January, he returned to Raw. He made a surprise comeback at the Royal Rumble. Following that event, he hosted several celebrity talk segments before resuming wrestling. After WrestleMania, he reunited with Bobby Lashley. MVP began feuding with Apollo Crews for the US title and introduced a new championship.

After losing to Apollo Crews, MVP Net Worth formed The Hurt Business, comprising Bobby Lashley, Cedric Alexander, and Shelton Benjamin. The stable enjoyed success, winning the Raw Tag Team titles and the US title by the end of the year. MVP became a full-time manager for the group, while Bobby Lashley pursued individual opportunities. His last appearance on Raw was alongside Bobby Lashley.

What is MVP Net Worth in 2024?

As of 2023, Montel Vontavious Porter’s total assets were $5 million.

MVP’s Salary

As indicated by his WWE contract, his compensation starting around 2023 is conjectured to be $100,000.

MVP’s House

MVP has his own house and lives with his friends and family in Miami, Florida, US

MVP Family

Porter was born on October 28, 1973, in the Liberty City neighborhood of Miami, Florida. His parents were Alvin Antonio Burke Sr. and Lynne Magruder. His father, Alvin Antonio Burke Sr., was a police officer. Porter engaged in antisocial behavior during his early years, leading to a lengthy prison sentence for his crimes.

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MVP Wife

Porter is currently unmarried, and at the age of 50, he lives with his only son. He is entirely focused on his work, and there are no reports of him being in any relationship. He has a son from a previous relationship, but there is no information available about his past romantic involvement.

MVP’s Movies and TV Shows

MVP has appeared as a playable character in the video games WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008, WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009, WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2010, WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2011, and WWE 2K22, marking his return to WWE-licensed video games after a considerable absence. Additionally, he had a cameo role in the film MacGruber.

2010MacGruberVernon Freedom


Q. Has MVP worked in a film?

A. MVP was highlighted in MacGruber.

Q. What is MVP Net Worth?

A. MVP”s net worth is $5 Million

Q. What is MVP’s salary?

A. MVP’s salary is $100,000.

Q. What is MVP’s height?

A. MVP’s height is 6ft 2 in (191cm)

Q. Why can’t MVP wrestle?

A. In mid-2021, MVP experienced a leg injury and started utilizing a prop to move around, taking him out of in-ring action.

Friends, you must have got complete information in the article. If you have any more questions, you can ask in the comments.

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