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Johnny Dang, a Vietnamese-American jeweler from Houston, Texas, is famous for his custom grills and bling favored by celebrities in the hip-hop scene. Starting from humble beginnings fixing electronics, Dang’s talent and business savvy turned his jewelry store, Johnny Dang Net Worth & Co., into a success story. Through hard work and collaborations with rappers like Paul Wall, Dang became the “Jeweler To The Stars,” solidifying his place in the world of hip-hop fashion.

Johnny Dang Net Worth

Net Worth$20 Million
Age 49 Years
Wife Jennifer Dang
OccupationJewelry designer and entrepreneur
NameJohnny Dang

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What is Johnny Dang Net Worth?

Johnny Dang Net Worth is a jewelry designer and entrepreneur from Houston, Texas. Johnny Dang Net Worth $20 million. He started fixing watches at a market in Houston. Later, he opened two jewelry stores in Sharpstown Mall. Now, he’s famous for making custom jewelry for celebrities.

His jewelry has been in magazines like XXL and Ozone, and on shows like “Super Sweet Sixteen” and “Spring Bling”. He and his partner, Paul Wall, have their own reality show called “The Johnny Dang and Paul Wall Show”. With three stores and lots of wholesale customers, his business is doing great.

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Hip-Hop Association & Influence

Dang is famous for his close connection to the hip-hop community. His great skills and special jewelry have been worn by big rap stars like Travis Scott, Drake, and Jay-Z. He’s called the “Jeweler To The Stars” because his designs are popular in the music world, which has made him more famous and recognizable.

Dang’s jewelry isn’t just for show; it means success, money, and importance in hip-hop. His detailed designs are liked by artists who want to show off their style with flashy jewelry.

The Path To Wealth: Building His Legacy

Johnny Dang didn’t get rich and famous quickly. He was born in Vietnam and moved to the United States. At first, he fixed electronics. But he liked making jewelry, so he opened his own store, Johnny Dang & Co., in Houston, Texas.

Dang worked hard and made sure his jewelry was great. People loved his special and fancy pieces, especially celebrities and rich people. He also knew exactly what his customers wanted, which helped him become even more successful.


Dang’s journey from Vietnam to the United States began with his family’s jewelry background. Settling in Houston in 1996 at 23, he started repairing jewelry with his brother. By 1998, he opened his first store, TV Jewelry, at Sharpstown Mall, gaining fame for his unique grills.

The turning point in Dang’s career was his 2002 collaboration with rapper Paul Wall, which expanded his clientele. His reputation soared, prompting him to move to a standalone location in 2016. However, in 2021, Dang parted ways with Vietnamese YouTuber Khoa Pug due to cryptocurrency value decline.

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Johnny Dang, a Vietnamese-American jeweler from Houston, rose from fixing electronics to become the “Jeweler To The Stars.” His talent and business sense turned his store, Johnny Dang & Co., into a hip-hop fashion powerhouse. Famed for his custom grills and bling, Dang has adorned celebrities like Jay-Z and Drake. Through hard work and collaborations with rappers, he solidified his place in the world of hip-hop style.

FAQS Johnny Dang Net Worth

1. How much does Johnny Dang make in a year?

As of March 8, 2024, the typical yearly salary for someone named Johnny Dang in the United States is $93,739. To break it down, this averages out to about $45.07 per hour, $1,802 per week, or $7,811 per month.

2. What company does Johnny Dang own?

Johnny Dang, born in 1972–73, is a Vietnamese American jewelry designer located in Houston, Texas. He gained fame for his creation of custom grills and his active participation in the American hip-hop community. Dang is one of the founders of Johnny Dang and Co.

3. How many shops does Johnny Dang have?

With a workforce of over 80 employees and three retail outlets, Johnny Dang initially experimented with crafting unique pieces featuring round diamonds, colored diamonds, and assorted embellishments to achieve a distinctive aesthetic.

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